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What are my prices?

Due to price inflation of supplies, ingredients and the amount of time/work that gets put into custom cookies, (I am a one-woman show), please understand that I have adjusted my prices. I require a minimum of 2 dozen cookies. This is for custom orders. I do sell gift boxed sets for special occasions, i.e., Welcome Baby, New Home, Sympathy, etc. My cookies always come individually heat sealed in food safe bags to maintain freshness. Ribbon, tag, etc., will have an additional charge.


The prices below are just a guide. Please keep in mind prices vary based on the details. It is best to speak with me so I can properly quote you for a custom order. To place custom order click 

You can also look through my                    to get a general idea of pricing. Feel free to send me any invitations so I can work at matching your theme to the best of my ability.


Ask me about Eddie, The Edible Printer. Eddie allows me to print images directly on to a cookie! 100% edible! No wafer, no fondant, images are printed directly onto my royal icing. Does not alter taste of cookie! 




     Starting at $66 a doz and up

1-3 cookie shapes, limited color palette, airbrushing and simple details such as stenciling,

minimal floral/fine details. 


Elaborate starting at $75 a doz and up

4-6 designs/cutters & customize your color palette

Heavy on floral details, writing, fine details,

gold/silver detail, gold/silver writing



Character Cookies Starting at $96a doz and up

*Ask me about printed character cookies

Eddie, Edible Printer, Printed Cookies Available

*message for pricing


DIY Kits $30 each

12 cookies

3 bags of icing

1 bag of sprinkles

Mini DIY Kits $10 each must buy minimum of 6 boxes

Individually boxed cookie sets perfect for birthday parties and Girl Scouts!

3 cookies

1 bag of main icing (any color) & 1 tiny bag of white icing for detail

1 bag of sprinkles

PYO (Paint Your Own) Cookie Sets $6 each

*Usually sold during holiday sales 

For parties must by minimum of 10

Perfect for birthday parties and Girl Scout events. Contains cookie with edible paint palette and paint brush

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